Orangeburg County, SC

Height: 5.2
Eye color: Brown
Hair: Black
Last seen in: Charlotte, NC
Other Info: Believed to be in
the company of a gorgeous
young lady, possibly a model
from Shelby, NC.
This musician is armed with
potentially award winning
music and could be
dangerous. I repeat.




Representing Orangeburg County

HUGO is a new artist representing Orangeburg County, born in a small town called Vance. Some of HUGO's greatest influences are Notorious B.I.G, Jay-Z, NAS, TI Harris, Outkast. and Anthony Hamilton. As a Southern artist, he says his focus is to, "create his own lane and stick to it," while paying homage to all of the great performers for their advancement of the genre. HUGO is a humble artist who understands hip-hop as a culture and still produces material relevant to today's generation.

When Biltmore Records was first formed, the company was searching for local talent, and found HUGO as part of an online competition. To compete, the artists battled live online. HUGO successfully made it all the way to becoming a finalist. Even though he was battling MC's from New York, California, Detroit, and other larger metropolitan cities in the US, he was still winning these lyrical competitions with clever punch lines, and unique flows. From that point on Biltmore Records has worked with HUGO bringing life to a signature sound that will define the Carolinas, placing them on the map as a hip musical locale in the Southeast and ultimately the nation.

Writing began at a young age for HUGO growing up with his friends in Orangeburg County. He has released several mixed tapes over the years; most notably "Grind 2K9" that was extremely popular in the Carolinas. In 2008, HUGO put out a politically charged song supporting the then presidential candidate, Barack Obama. This was at a time when most new artists were not thinking along those lines. Released by Biltmore Records, that song is titled "Main Street" and is available in major markets online. More recently, HUGO completed his Category III mixed tape and even worked with ROCCO Da DON on a single titled "Respect IT."

The title song of new single "Make it Official" is a radio friendly song with plenty of commercial appeal. This track is in collaboration with a New York producer, Paperboy. Paperboy is the alias and side project of a major producer. We can say that he is directly associated with many hit records over the years. He has also worked with the top names and brands in the music industry, and he is well known for the tremendous talent and vision that he brings to every project.

The second song on this single is titled "How to Rob A Club." It is not to be taken literally, but is intended to inspire fans to have a good time, dance and throw their hands in the air. The vibe is fun and energetic, encouraging it's listeners to enjoy the artist's concept that is new and exciting.

HUGO Make It Official